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Real estate is the world's largest asset class and our work for organizations active in the sector, whether they’re lenders, borrowers, investors, developers or occupiers, gives us a deep understanding of the industry and the way it operates.


Real estate deals are becoming ever more complex and with the introduction of the Real Estate Agency Act 2020 (Act 1047) and the Land Act, 2020 (Act 1036), housing project developers as well as agents have to comply with new rules as prescribed and the Firm can assist in the registration process as well as development and planning of projects and construction, risk identification and appraisal, representation and liaising with regulators and Government authorities, tax, finance and re-financing, securitization, real estate investment fund formation, structuring and joint ventures, and real estate mergers and acquisitions.


Cudjoe & Dotse provides comprehensive services in all aspects of property and real estate transactions including title due diligence, sale-purchase, leasing, construction-development, mortgage and litigation in respect of industrial, commercial and residential property. Besides, serving clients on the traditional sale and purchase transactions, our Firm has multifaceted areas of real estate practice which includes the following:

  1. Entry Level Strategy Planning: Entry level legal advice and structuring of FDI for individual foreign investors, foreign companies, WOS, Foreign Institutional Investors and NRIs/PIOs.

  2. Location & Site Analysis and Title Due Diligence: Legal Assistance for finalizing most favorable/preferred location and other allied searches including vetting of documents and verification of title.

  3. Due Diligence: Carrying out thorough and exhaustive client specific and also client specified (in particular instances) Due Diligences and similar exercises before advising clients.

  4. Legal Risk Identification and Appraisals: Identification of legal risks and arriving at appraisals through experts for real estate transactions, development projects and infrastructure projects.

  5. Finance and Re-financing: Legal assistance and advice for arranging project finance and also for arranging re-finance on existing projects.

  6. Auctioning/Bidding: Legal assistance and advice for auctioning, bidding and contesting for deals.

  7. Representation and Liaising with Government Authorities: For securing various clearances from various Government authorities.

  8. Tax Structuring and Planning: Legal advice in structuring taxation strategy for Real Estate Projects (Income-Tax, GST etc.) and Tax Planning for the same.

  9. Transactional Compliance: Assistance in mandatory legal compliances for various transactions.

  10. Joint Ventures and Joint Developments: Advice on structuring of domestic as well as crossborder joint ventures and Joint Development Agreements.

  11. Real Estate Legal Advisory & Litigation: Our Firm is adept in handling advisory and litigation in real estate related projects including the following work:

    • Lease related Legal Assistance and Administration.

    • Construction and Development of projects and related contracts.

    • Complete legal procedural advice for regular Pre/Post Purchase/Sale and all relevant documentation including, Issuance of Letter of-Intent, Public Notice, Agreement-to-Sale, Sale Deed etc.

    • Appointment of Broker, Project Manager, Architect, Interior Decorator, Certified Surveyor, Certified Valuer, Civil Contractor and other Contractors and Sub-Contractors for the entire/part transaction/deal/project.

    • Dispute Resolution and Litigation including Landlord/Tenant Proceedings: Cudjoe & Dotse’s Litigation Practice Group handles, represents and advises client concerns in litigation and Dispute Resolution on a case to-case basis vis-à-vis Landlord/Tenant, Buyer/Seller, Lessor/Lessee matters.

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