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Martin is a lawyer and a partner in GT Legal Africa, a law firm. He specialises in corporate law and litigation (civil and criminal). He is a human rights activist and has succeeded in arguing four different cases, for the Supreme Court of Ghana to strike down two laws that infringed the human rights of accused persons and sureties and interpret two other laws for fair trials in ground breaking decisions. These are the decisions that, all criminal offences are now bailable, sureties (persons who sign a contract to guarantee the appearance of accused and suspects in court) can no longer be jailed when an accused/suspect absconds, the state must give accused persons the evidence it intends to rely on at the trial (introduction of disclosure), before a trial starts and finally, a few courts must sit during weekends and public holidays to hear bail applications by suspects/accused  where the police do not wish to grant bail, within  48 hours of the arrest.

For ten years of Martin’s legal practice, he lectured at Central University (2014-2018), and Accra Technical University (2008-2014).

He engages in some mass media advocacy on legal issues and social justice by contributing to a number of programmes on television and radio.

As a result of his passion for child protection, and the need for juveniles to be given opportunities to reform, he foundered the Juvenile Justice Project, an NGO, with three (3) other lawyers. They provide free legal services to juveniles in Accra. Unicef and the Legal Aid Commission partnered this project for a number of years. 

Martin holds a Master of Laws (LL.M-Oil & Gas Law) from the University of Ghana (2013).  He previously graduated from the Ghana School of law where he was awarded a Qualifying Certificate in Law and called to the Ghana Bar in October 2007. Mr Kpebu also holds a Bachelor of Law (LL.B) from the University of Ghana (2005) and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Banking and Finance Option) from the University of Ghana (2002).

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